Hi everyone California Kiley here with another 5k fun run as part of our California Kiley’s Summer 2017 Fun Run Series!

This time I ran another “new to me” race in Long Beach California called “Fat Boy 5k.” This 5k is all about food, which was started in Baton Rouge LA. The name and structure of the race didn’t first draw me in but after seeing pictures of the New Orleans race on instagram and my friend Jean from Donut Run talking me into joining her I reached out to find out more about this run it’s all about food and fun. With a 8am start I headed to the Shoreline near the Long Beach Aquarium. Many other races follow this course here in Long Beach so I wasn’t expecting a life changing course for this 5k.


It’s been a long time since I actually have run a 5k, truthfully I don’t actually run very many since most are group settings and all about the costumes they usually take me a while to finish. Since I had a work event right after I knew I couldn’t stay long so I chose to see where my running levels are and actually run. I’m definitely not where I used to be but 30 minutes is fine by me since it got me to the awesome snack tables quicker!!


Kelsey won her age group!


This race is set up different than any other race I’ve ever run. Instead of age group awards they use weight categories. That weird face you just made as you read that I had the same one, however it was actually really cool. If you ever see age group awards it’s basically the same 10 people that basically win the age group and sometimes the overall awards. But with this one being fast in your weight group is how this works so I even felt as though I might have a chance. (Spoiler I didn’t win lol) Seeing so many people that aren’t your typical folks trying for group awards was probably one of the coolest parts. The best part was one of our friends actually did win her weight group!

Right there I changed my thoughts on this race as it gives more than just the same usually awards suspects the secondary awards.


Food wise we were given gourmet donuts from a local donut shop called Sweet Retreat in Long Beach along with cookies, chips, nuts, and the basics bananas, oranges, a bunch of coffee drinks and flavored waters. We were also got gift cards for Chik Fila and Lucille’s BBQ. Since this race is all about food they really did give us a lot of variety. Even though I had mixed feelings on this 5k it was great and I look forward to coming back out to future races!

More summer fun runs coming your way!

California Kiley

11393363_496221533858924_7905829911391666402_oHave you placed in your age group at a local race?

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Perfectly Goofy Gail's 100th runDisney medal!

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Thank you @runDisney for 7 years, 74 races, 102 medals and 708.2 magical miles!

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