Hi everyone California Kiley here with another Summer Fun Run. As summer is now in full swing in a lot of area road racing kind of shuts down during the hotter weather months but I was invited out to a race that is all about summer running. Held in Newport Beach California The Liquid Run is a race like no other race out there. This is a floating obstacle race that measures 1/4 mile. I expected it to be small and pretty easy being only a 1/4 of a mile. Having run so many full marathons this year I felt I could take on the Liquid Run with no problems but I will tell you this was a great workout and I was sore the next day!! The best part it was a blast I think this was my favorite fun run to date!


Here’s the details on the race:

  • It run 9-5 so if getting up early sounds awful not a problem you can run it late. Or make it a all day event your choice if you upgrade your registration to VIP you can run the course as many times as you like. If you want to make it an all day beach day it’s the best day to do it as people are running the course all day and it’s actually really fun to watch!
  • I give this a great “Mommy and Me” stamp as it’s a great race to have kids at. Every paid adult gets a kids free play wristband which is a really fun float area.
  • There is a competitive heat at 9am so if you want to run fast then 9am is your race. This is a great time to watch as a lot of the serious racers are really trying to kill the course next year I’m going to totally be there to at least witness it!
    The Liquid Run swag!

    The Liquid Run swag!

  • No running experience needed
  • Swag is awesome! Instead of a T-shirt you get a medal at the end, a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, a string bag, and a waterproof phone carrying case which we used during the race!
  • Staff was amazing!! Literally the nicest most helpful group ever! Volunteers who I was informed are mostly all returns from the past year because of how much fun they had volunteering! That’s pretty cool in itself.

This race had really only had one small con and that is it can get bottlenecked if you have a struggling group in front of you. Really this isn’t the worst thing in the world as I’m not really in any great hurry since it’s not timed and really there isn’t a huge hurry but know it will most likely take you about 2 hours to run the whole course since you will wait to conquer some of the bigger obstacles.

Only reasons not to do this race:

  • If you are deathly afraid of the water the floating obstacles sit in deeper water but you are provided with a life vest you will still end up in the water at least in the start and the end. You don’t need to be Michael Phelps though to do this race so even if your swimming level is low you are good to go.
  • You are no fun at all and think spending a day at a beautiful California beach is a bad idea!

Talking with the race directors the main mission of the race is to have fun and realize that this isn’t about cut off times or age group awards it’s really about a good time. I can honestly say this race has found a way to really take summer running to the next level! As they try to expand to different areas and more races a year I hope to be back for more of their races because it was truly the most fun I’ve had. Thank you to Sarah for coming along and helping me with pictures, video and interviews! A huge thank you to The Liquid Run staff, volunteers and runners for having us out at your super cool event! The race director said it best “we just want everyone to have a happy day!” Well Run All the Races had the happiest day thank you again!

California Kiley


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