I’m happy to report that I had a blast at The Color Run Boston!

Check out our video above to see all the fun we had…

I was excited that the winner of our bib giveaway was a friend of mine – Sue Hayes – and she graciously offered to add her Pro and Con list to this post – and I have to agree with everything she has to say (there’s a reason we’re friends after all…#GreatMindsThinkAlike).


  • Sponsors provided great swag of measurable value
    • Gail’s Note: It was a great tie-in to partner with Stop’nShop (a local New England grocery chain) to give away laundry detergent as swag as you left the race – GENIUS!)
  • Shirt was made of soft cotton and cutely designed
  • Bib pickup was easy and quick
  • Text messaging from race was efficient form of communication
    • Gail’s Note: This was especially important, as the truck carrying the color for the race had issues and there was a delay in the race start
  • Photo ops before event were colorful and unique
  • DJ before, after and during the event was lively and supported the “party atmosphere”
  • Course was just challenging enough and came very close to the stadium, making it interesting for those who had not been there before
    • Gail’s Note: Gillette Stadium is home to the New England Patriots
  • Merchandise was nicely designed and reasonably priced
  • Ample restrooms before, after and throughout the course
  • Cute medal
  • Appropriate and fun event for all ages (As long as the participant can walk 3.1 miles)
    • Gail’s Note: Saw LOTS of people of all ages – lots of families running the event together
  • Easy free parking
  • Great proximity to Patriot Place for post event celebration
  • Cute mile markers to measure your progress


  • There could have been a little more clarity about the staggered start
    • Worked out fine for us, because we knew to edge up into line but, I imagine, some runners did not start for quite a while
  • No real post race food provided by color run (only water) and snacks given out by sponsors
  • Water on the course was kind of a log jam area and hard to get
    • Gail’s Note: We ended up bypassing all but the last water stop for this reason; at the first stop, they were out of water in cups and were frantically trying to fill cups and/or participant’s own water bottles; would have also been helpful if water was available on both sides of the course
  • While the color areas were fun, in order to get “color” on you, you had to be near a volunteer/ employee throwing it at you
    • There could have been a couple more individuals at each station to move folks though quicker and get them the full color run experience
  • Not appropriate experience for someone looking for a real “run”’
    • You have to put on another hat, so to say, and realize this is really just for fun and it is fun!
      • This is not a real con, just a heads up to runners
  • No real need for the foam – It kind of made me scared that I was going to wipe out
    • Gail’s Note: It was right at the end of the course and up a bit of a hill; we slowed WAY down because it was slippery

NOTE: I HAVE to add that my unicorn onesie came clean – even after hanging out in my hotel room for the week and making a treck across county before washing.  This means I HAVE to sign up for another race to get my rainbow unicorn back on!

Now, for the shoes I was testing for a running shoe company and had to mail back right after the race…that company did ask me to wear them for ALL my runs during the testing period 😉

Thanks for following along –

Perfectly Goofy Gail

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 1.35.36 PMHave you done a Color Run race before?  Did you feel like a magical unicorn when you finished?

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Perfectly Goofy Gail's 100th runDisney medal!

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Thank you @runDisney for 7 years, 74 races, 102 medals and 708.2 magical miles!

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