Go. Know. Take Control.

Cigna, the major sponsor of both Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend routinely welcomes a number of runDisney bloggers to an event at each of these marque race weekends.

The ladies of Run All The Races were fortunate to receive an invitation to join a lot of familiar social media faces at the Odyssey Special Event Venue at Epcot during the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

Cigna brought members of the blogga-sphere together to discuss the importance of focusing on your own health – and to have some fun.


Check out our experience in the video above and keep the following tips in mind when you consider your own health…

Overcoming Mental Roadblocks While Running Infographic


In a recent survey of insured adults conducted by Cigna, 45 percent of Americans say they don’t know that they should have an annual check-up – and half are unaware that if they have insurance, there is no cost for the annual check-up.

These annual check-ups are important to our personal health. They provide us with an opportunity to check on our most important health numbers such as Body Mass Index (BMI), cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Get that annual check-up.
  • Know your numbers so you can take care of your health.
  • Don’t be like the third of Americans who say they visit their health care professionals only when they have a health problem.

For more tips and data, visit www.Cigna.com/takecontrol and be sure to use #CignaRunTogether when you post your stories!

So Go, Know and Take Control.  And runDisney!

Go Team Run All The Races! And check out who photo bombed PhotoBomb Becca...

Go Team Run All The Races! And check out who photo bombed PhotoBomb Becca…










Know Your Numbers

Want to hear about the Inaugural Cigna Blogger Meet-Up during the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend or the 2016 Walt Disney World Cigna Blogger Meet-Up?..

Thanks to Cigna and runDisney !

Thanks to Cigna and runDisney !


When was your last check-up?  Make sure you put it on your schedule for you and your family annually (we want you to be around for a long, long, time!).

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